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Capgemini: The company

Capgemini is one of the world’s leading management consulting, IT services, outsourcing, transformation and professional services companies. Founded in Grenoble, France in 1967 as a data processing and enterprise management company, Capgemini has grown to become one of the largest consulting firms in the world, with more than 100,000 employees in 36 countries. Capgemini is the largest supplier of information services in Europe, delivering transformation and improved performance to businesses across the sectors.

In 2000, the company acquired Ernst & Young Consulting, and in 2002 it re-launched its Sogeti brand. Sogeti is now Capgemini’s subsidiary, a Brussels-headquartered company focused on delivering IT services adapted to local requirements in terms of infrastructure, applications and engineering. The acquisition of Ernst & Young Consulting provided Capgemini with a strong foothold in North America. The company continues to make strategic acquisitions, mainly buying smaller IT consulting and services businesses, and fortifying its position on markets worldwide.

Careers at Capgemini

Capgemini recruits consultants at all stages of their careers in five major areas of operations: Capgemini Consulting, Technology Services, Outsourcing Services, Financial Services, and Local Professional Services. Opportunities for promotion are determined by performance, skills, and the level of responsibility a consultant is willing to take on.

Company culture is one of Capgemini’s many strengths. Many employees report friendly atmosphere and approachable and supportive co-workers. The hours are not as long as in most other consultancies, and the company aims at having everyone in the office on Friday – as opposed to staying at the client’s site the whole week. With weekends free and night shifts rare, Capgemini’s work-life balance resembles working in industry. Although technology-based, Capgemini’s work tends to be diverse and exciting and it is not confined to SAP implementation and similar technical work that other IT consultancies thrive on.


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Capgemini’s organisational structure

Capgemini divides its services into four disciplines: Consulting Services, Technology Services, Outsourcing Services, and Local Professional Services (delivered through Capgemini’s wholly owned subsidiary Sogeti). The consulting roles are divided across several more or less standard levels: Analyst Consultant and Consultant for graduates and young professionals, and Senior Consultant, Managing Consultant and Principal Consultant for experienced hires. Capgemini’s sectors of activity are: Utilities, Manufacturing, Retail, Chemicals Financial Services, Consumer Products, Media & Entertainment, Life Sciences, Distribution & Transportation, Public Sector Telecom, and High Tech Energy.

The perspective

Capgemini is a strong brand, especially in Europe, and it is constantly working on getting stronger. It is a good company to work for a number of reasons other than looking good on a consultant’s resume. Promoting employee development is one of Capgemini’s key goals and values. Working for Capgemini enables consultants to make many important contacts, including top experts and mentors who help them develop and learn new skills. While pay rises and promotions do not come very quickly, Capgemini trains its consultants well and provides them with many opportunities to work with high-profile clients across different industries.

Founded: 1967
Revenue in 2010: £7.077 bln
CEO: Paul Hermelin
Employees: 100,856
WHQ: Paris, France