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Detica: The company

Detica Ltd is an international technology and business consulting company that specialises in information intelligence, security, and customer insight. The name Detica is derived for the Greek word eidetic, which means clear vision. In 2008, Detica was acquired by BAE Systems (Holdings) limited, which is part of BAE Systems plc, and it remains wholly owned by the company. Detica’s headquarters are in Guildford.

The consulting firm was founded in 1971 as Smith Associates, a business firm that did research on defence matters for the UK Government. It was renamed to Detica in 2001 and remains a leader in data and IT security, well known for its work in the public sector. The company’s best known products are anti-fraud software Detica NetReveal, Detica DataRetain, software that enables businesses to comply with data retention regulations, and internet security software StreamShield.

Careers at Detica

Detica’s intellectual reputation comes from recruiting PhDs from the best universities. The company is very selective about the consultants it recruits and has high expectations of job candidates. Since the acquisition by BAE Systems, Detica is looking for new consultants to contribute to the company’s growth and success. They believe that recruiting and developing the very best talent is crucial to the company’s performance and ongoing growth. The graduate recruitment process is fairly straightforward, with two job interviews that are usually role specific, and the company accepts applications throughout the year.

Detica also looks to recruit seasoned consultants with experience in business and technology consulting, system integration, delivery management, business development, electronic solutions, corporate functions and creative services among other things. Consultants who join Detica often get the opportunity to work in a number of different fields, from security, fraud management and risk management to regulatory compliance and customer management. The company offers a challenging, creative environment that allows consultants to expand their knowledge and widen their career ambitions. Promotion opportunities depend on performance, not tenure, and consultants get the support necessary for their career development from a variety of organised courses and opportunities for professional networking.


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Detica’s organisational structure

Detica operates in several industry sectors: Government and National Security, Financial Services, and Telecommunications and Media. The consultancy provides a range of services, divided into five categories: Business Consulting, Technology Consulting, Systems Development and Integration, Operational Support, and Programme Management and Leadership.

The perspective

Few consultancies can match Detica’s reputation. Detica is the leader in its niche and has quickly built critical mass in a broader market as well. This is not a passing trend, evidenced by the fact that the company has recorded double-digit growth in the last ten years. With a competitive yet friendly atmosphere, solid work-life balance, and good opportunities for professional advancement, Detica is universally recommended as an employer.

Motto: “Simplifying complexity”
Founded: 1971
Managing Director: Martin Sutherland
Revenue in 2008: £203.2 M
Employees: 1400
WHQ: Guildford, UK