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IBM Global Services: The company

IBM Global Services is the largest division of the global IT giant IBM. It is comprised of IBM GBS – Global Business Services and IBM GTS – Global Technology Services. IBM Global Services is the global leader in business and technology services, as well as the fastest growing arm of its parent company, IBM. At the turn of the century, IBM Global Services began changing focus from hardware to services. In 2002, the company acquired PricewaterhouseCoopers’ management consulting and technology services business, adding 30,000 consultants in over 50 countries to its talent pool. In 2004, the revenue earned by IBM Global Services rose to almost 50 percent of IBM’s total revenue. The company has an impressive client list, one that includes most of the former clients of PricewaterhouseCoopers’ prestigious consulting arm. IBM GBS serves 74 percent of the Fortune Global 100 businesses and 45 percent of the Fortune Global 500 companies. IBM operates in more than 170 countries globally. IBM Global Services has about 190,000 employees worldwide. About 20,000 of them are employed by IBM UK.

Careers at IBM Global Services

For consultants who want to work on large IT, outsourcing, or process change projects, IBM Global Services is one of the top choices for employment. As one of the leading players in the information technology services arena, IBM’s consulting and services arm is often compared to Accenture, a company from which IBM often recruits new consultants. Even though IBM Global Services has plenty of young partners and associate partners on its leadership team, there are also more experienced consultants working for IBM than for Accenture, so the average age is of an IBM employee is slightly higher than at Accenture.

IBM’s consulting arm is always open to recruiting experienced consultants and likes to retain people who enjoy the consulting business, but have no ambitions to aim to partner positions. IBM is very well known for its employee diversity initiatives and attention to workers with special needs. The company has received a number of awards from organisations that promote the rights of working mothers, the gay population, minorities, the disabled, and so on. IBM showed commitment to these issues decades before it became required by law and imperative for public opinion.


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IBM Global Business Services' organisational structure

IBM Global Business Services employs a system of bands to classify consultants, one that is unique to the company. This is how the IBM band system works: Band 6 - Consultant, Band 7 - Senior Consultant (most new MBA graduates are recruited to this level), Band 8 - Managing Consultant, Band 9 - Senior Managing Consultant, Band 10 - Associate Partner. Above Band 10 is the partner level.

The areas of expertise for IBM consulting include Application Services, Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management, Financial Management, Human Capital Management, Oracle and PeopleSoft, Packaged Software, SAP, Strategy and Change, and Supply Chain Management.

The perspective

IBM Global Services is an open recruiter, a company that casts a wide net and is prepared to consider a wide range of candidates so long as they have what it takes to succeed at IBM and bring value to its consultancy business. The company spends more than $800 million to educate its workforce and offers them a variety of seminars and other useful learning solutions. With its global presence, flexible admission criteria, and focus on employee training and education, IBM Global Services sets an excellent foundation for its employees and their career development.

IBM is one of the companies that took part in the Consultancy Careers Fair in London in October. A streaming video of their presentation at the event is available on

Motto: “Look closely. Think big. Innovation on every level.”
Founded: 1889 (IBM GBS founded 1991)
Revenue in 2008: £37,9 bln
CEO: Samuel J. Palmisano (US), Stephen Leonard (IBM UK and Ireland)
Employees: 190,000
WHQ: Armonk, NY (USA)