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PA Consulting Group

PA Consulting Group: The company

PA Consulting is a global independent management, systems and technology consulting group that delivers business transformation strategies and cutting edge technology solutions to a large number of clients. With headquarters in London, the group has offices in several major cities in Great Britain and operates in more than 30 countries across the world.

PA Consulting was established in 1943 as Personnel Administration (PA) Limited by three English entrepreneurs. Since then, the consulting firm has extended its area of expertise and operations into multiple industry sectors, including energy, telecommunications, finance, defence, IT, strategic management, complex programme delivery, manufacturing, and healthcare. PA Consulting Group’s technology development capability is almost unrivalled.

In 2007, PA Consulting Group won the MCA Management Award for more than 10 years of excellence in working with clients. In 2006, it won an award for its successful work with the Georgian Government and U.S. Agency for International Development. In 2010, the company won another MCA Award for its work with the Identity and Passport Service (IPS). Over the last decade, PA Consulting has reaped a significant number of other top awards in the consulting industry. The company’s turnover from consulting services in 2009 totalled £370.1 million and its operating profit was £42.8 million. PA Consulting Group’s clients include The Associated Press, UK Ministry of Defence, the NHS, Aqua America, and the Kingdom of Jordan.

Careers at PA Consulting Group

PA Consulting Group is always looking to grow and expand its business operations. The company’s recruiters are constantly looking for passionate, innovative, original individuals, opinion makers, and team players. PA Consulting Group’s recruiters always seek competent, driven consultants to take up positions at the company. Entry-level analyst positions are in very high demand and only one percent of all applicants get recruited. New hires are usually recent college graduates with an impressive academic score. To make sure that recruitment is as fair as possible and that only the best candidates are chosen, each job candidate who applies for a job at the PA Consulting Group must go through a strict selection process, which consists of aptitude tests, personality profiling, group exercises, and role play interviews, among other things.


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PA Consulting Group's organisational structure

There are six ranks at the PA Consulting Group: Analyst, Consultant Analyst, Consultant, Principal Consultant, Managing Consultant, and Partner. PA Consulting Group’s recruiters always look for new people to fill positions at all the levels in the firm. All the consultancy’s employees, regardless of rank, are committed to high quality and excellence when delivering end-to-end solutions to their clients.

The perspective

PA Consulting Group is owned by its employees – 2,500 exceptionally accomplished individuals who excel at taking a highly responsive, interdisciplinary approach to complex assignments and applying innovative solutions to the business challenges placed in front of them. In order to attract and hold onto the very best consultants, PA Consulting Group presents its employees with a greater number of opportunities to advance their careers than any other consulting firm, and helps them develop operating, marketing and interpersonal skills, as well as thought leadership potential, which benefits the firm's clients as much as it does the consultants and PA Consulting Group itself.

Founded: 1943
CEO: Alan Middleton
Employees: 2,546
Revenue in 2009: £370 M
WHQ: London, UK