Job search tips & advice to advance your consulting career

When the time comes for you to consider changing your job or sometimes even the career itself, you are inevitably faced with the challenging task of putting your skills and experiences in consulting on paper and figuring out the best ways of making them appear marketable to prospective employers. The process begins with the list of jobs and consulting projects that constitute your professional experience, which need to be neatly laid out in the resume and introduced in the accompanying cover letter, and ends with a thank you letter, sent either to thank the job interviewer for their time or the future employer for the vote of confidence in their decision to hire you.

Most people do not really spend more than an hour putting their resume and cover letter together, as they do not see these as much more than a list of their skills and previous jobs. This makes it relatively easy for you to stand out if your resume and cover letter are well written, as most of them are mediocre at best. Writing a quality resume and cover letter does, however, take some time and skill.

To advance your career in IT consulting, check out some tips that will help you master the skill of writing a good resume, cover letter and thank you letter: