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1 Proven Strategies to Build and Sell your Consulting Firm
Thursday 27th April 2017, Central London
2 Lead Generation: Using Social Media To Build a Pipeline of New Business Leads
Central London – Friday 31st March 2017 – In this results-oriented seminar, learn exactly how to use social media to bring in a steady stream of new client leads.
3 The Art of Selling Consulting Services
Central London - Friday 19th May 2017 - Accelerate your career - tailored specifically around increasing new client wins, this event is designed to allow you to progress your career and increase your success in selling consulting services.
4 Moorhouse - Transformation consultants: senior consultant, manager, principal
We're a rapidly growing, award-winning transformational consultancy. While we're passionate about designing and delivering successful transformation at the highest levels of industry, we're equally passionate about developing our team. Get in touch for an informal coffee chat with a senior team member.
5 LinkedIn Essentials for the Consulting Professional - Transform yourself, your business and your bottom lineUpcoming dates:
28 February 2017 – Southampton 29 March 2017 – London 26 April 2017 – Southampton...
6 LinkedIn Company Profile Workshops
Develop your company’s presence so that it shows your news, your success and engages a different audience.