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Getting a head start in London
Many of our visitors and forum members are based in the UK and interested in London, as discussions often show. How to relocate to London? How to cut expenses living there? Where to go to find a flat and where to buy an interview shirt?

Now there's HEADstart2London to resolve these any many other issues. This web site helps you set up financially and professionally before you get to London. Its resources include information on healthcare, national insurance, taxes and other unavoidables that would take you long to research on your own.

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The number one in Management Consultancy Recruitment
This website’s parent is, founded by two successful ex-consultants in 2000. Since then it became the leading management consultancy recruitment website in the world, with more than 65,000 ads published since 2001.

It is a place where a consultant will find (among other resources) a huge selection of jobs, ranging from graduate to senior opportunities, and from the biggest consultancies to niche firms. There really is no better resource for management consultants!

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EGB Transforming E-Business
EGB Systems and Solutions offers offshore, outsourcing services on Website Design & Development, IT consulting, Custom Software Development, SEO, Virtual Assistant, Web Hosting Services, Medical billing & Transcription.

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