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Nebulas Solutions Group - IT Security, Acceleration and Virtualisation specialist
Nebulas Solutions Group is a leading UK IT services firm that specializes in IT and Data Security, Acceleration and Virtualisation. Based in London, the firm consists of three divisions: Nebulas Security, Nebulas Xcelerate and Nebulas Virtualise. Each division offers IT solutions, assessment and consulting services to help organisations minimise data loss risk and drive greater value to their business from their existing web applications and IT infrastructure.

Nebulas Security provides data privacy, information security and compliance services, offers application security and secure remote access solutions, it tests organisations’ web application security, and helps businesses reduce the overall data breach risk, as well as improve their database security and performance.

Nebulas Xcelerate offers web application acceleration and WAN optimisation solutions that improve web application efficiency by helping businesses move their servers and applications around their WAN networks faster.

Nebulas Virtualise helps companies with the move to a virtual environment and offers expertise in the fields of storage and server consolidation, disaster recovery data centre management and energy efficiency. Nebulas also offers companies virtualisation consulting and assessment services, which allows clients to take full advantage of all the benefits virtualisation has to offer.

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The Guide to IT Contracting
Perhaps you are currently thinking about becoming an IT contractor and you are confused about your choices. Even if you have been contracting for donkeys’ years, you may still want to find out how you can earn more money, get better contracts and enjoy financial security.

The Guide to IT Contracting is the indispensable guidebook for all contractors and those thinking about entering the field. It shows you, step-by-step, how to deal with all the aspects of being a contractor. The book is written in a down to earth, easy to follow language, that even project managers can understand. It is the IT contractors’ bible for entering, setting up and consistently growing your IT contracting business.

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EGB Transforming E-Business
EGB Systems and Solutions offers offshore, outsourcing services on Website Design & Development, IT consulting, Custom Software Development, SEO, Virtual Assistant, Web Hosting Services, Medical billing & Transcription.

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