There are plenty interesting web sites out there. Consultant blogs, IT discussions, resources for the professional services industry. We have a selection that should prove to be useful and sometimes entertaining. Welcome to the Resources and Reviews page!
Nebulas Solutions Group - IT Security, Acceleration and Virtualisation specialist
Nebulas Solutions Group is a leading UK IT services firm that specializes in IT and Data Security, Acceleration and Virtualisation. Based in London, the firm consists of three divisions: Nebulas Security, Nebulas Xcelerate and Nebulas Virtualise. Each division offers IT solutions, assessment and consulting services to help organisations minimise data loss risk and drive greater value to their business from their existing web applications and IT infrastructure.

Nebulas Security provides data privacy, information security and compliance services, offers application security and secure remote access solutions, it tests organisations’ web application security, and helps businesses reduce the overall data breach risk, as well as improve their database security and performance.

Nebulas Xcelerate offers web application acceleration and WAN optimisation solutions that improve web application efficiency by helping businesses move their servers and applications around their WAN networks faster.

Nebulas Virtualise helps companies with the move to a virtual environment and offers expertise in the fields of storage and server consolidation, disaster recovery data centre management and energy efficiency. Nebulas also offers companies virtualisation consulting and assessment services, which allows clients to take full advantage of all the benefits virtualisation has to offer.

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The Guide to IT Contracting
Perhaps you are currently thinking about becoming an IT contractor and you are confused about your choices. Even if you have been contracting for donkeys’ years, you may still want to find out how you can earn more money, get better contracts and enjoy financial security.

The Guide to IT Contracting is the indispensable guidebook for all contractors and those thinking about entering the field. It shows you, step-by-step, how to deal with all the aspects of being a contractor. The book is written in a down to earth, easy to follow language, that even project managers can understand. It is the IT contractors’ bible for entering, setting up and consistently growing your IT contracting business.

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EGB Transforming E-Business
EGB Systems and Solutions offers offshore, outsourcing services on Website Design & Development, IT consulting, Custom Software Development, SEO, Virtual Assistant, Web Hosting Services, Medical billing & Transcription.

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Jobrapido is a job search engine with a presence all over Europe. Their engine enables job seekers to search through job vacancies posted on thousands of job sites.

Check it out: is an online community that provides wiki style information for students and graduates about interview processes and assessment days at top city firms, including consulting firms.

Other than consulting, WikiJob also focuses on helping graduate job seekers find jobs in the accounting & professional services, investment banking and law sector.

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Art in data
PowerPoint being one of the consultant’s most commonly used weapon, you have almost certainly found yourself presenting information with common, bland charts. Wouldn’t it be great to find a concept or even a tool that would make the information more exciting to you and to the audience?

So we offer you VisualComplexity, a web site which collects visualisation techniques for complex networks and other systems. Examples go from IT services and Windows vs. Linux security to design of bunnies and direction of passes during a football game. It is a remarkable and inspiring collection of art, made of data.

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SOA security
Do you oversee or create systems in which many applications, controlled by different entities, process confidential data? These applications come together to provide a “higher level” service than what each of them can provide by themselves. But a higher level service demands a higher level security, as systems such as credit card transactions have lots of security weak points.

This is where Manning’s new book on SOA security comes in handy. It aims at readers without a lot of prior security knowledge who are interested in simple, practical and working solutions. Real life examples are taken from finance, logistics, Government and other popular domains. Although it’s not in print yet, it’s available through an online early access system.

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How to become an independent IT consultant
The Software Simplist is a blog by Udi Dahan, an IT expert, consultant, and author. In this post he gives his recipe for becoming a successful IT consultant. It has six ingredients: Have a niche, Get to be well-known, Get published, Speak at conferences, Get your expertise, and Make it billable. Easier said than done? Read the entire article and you might find it quite doable.

His blog mostly deals with software architecture, so you’ll find resourceful posts on topics such as SOA, web services, distributed systems…

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Getting a head start in London
Many of our visitors and forum members are based in the UK and interested in London, as discussions often show. How to relocate to London? How to cut expenses living there? Where to go to find a flat and where to buy an interview shirt?

Now there's HEADstart2London to resolve these any many other issues. This web site helps you set up financially and professionally before you get to London. Its resources include information on healthcare, national insurance, taxes and other unavoidables that would take you long to research on your own.

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The number one in Management Consultancy Recruitment
This website’s parent is, founded by two successful ex-consultants in 2000. Since then it became the leading management consultancy recruitment website in the world, with more than 65,000 ads published since 2001.

It is a place where a consultant will find (among other resources) a huge selection of jobs, ranging from graduate to senior opportunities, and from the biggest consultancies to niche firms. There really is no better resource for management consultants!

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