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GIS/spatial analysis software: Don’t believe the hype! Simple solutions can deliver powerful results
Experienced marketers will no doubt be aware of the ways in which the geographical representation of data (customers, outlets, catchments, etc) through Geographic Information Systems (GIS) can help businesses detect trends and interpret patterns.
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Should you blog?
Many consultants ask if they should start blogging to add power to their market presence.
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Show and Tell
Whether it’s a proposal, training seminar, status update, or final report, consultants use slides for nearly every presentation.
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How to Deal with the People Factor of Change Management
A 2008 survey of McKinsey of 3,199 executives around the world found that only one in three organizational transformation or change projects succeeded.
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The One Service Every Consultant Should Offer
In a recent webcast, a participant asked me if there is one service every consultant should offer.
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Substance v Drama
Working in Presentation Skills coaching and training a key question I’m often asked is, "Is content or delivery more important?"
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Averting Project Meltdown
When Dwight Eisenhower engaged the services of a consulting firm, he complained that the report was “the most expensive and least-read document the University’s library ever acquired.”
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Secrets of the Big Firms
To learn why and how large firms manage to turn in consistently strong business performance, you have to look beyond the stereotypes.
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Seven Questions to Ask Before Building an IT Strategy
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Top 5 Ways to Incorporate CMMI with Agile Methods
There is a common misconception that CMMI and Agile are polar opposites.
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Top 10 Tips for a Winning Pitch
10 crucial tips for delivering a winning pitch.
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The Need for Speed
Everything we do, from creating proposals to delivering services and marketing our businesses, consumes our most precious asset—time.
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Reaching the Peak of CMMI: How Fast Can You Climb?
Witness the incredible speed at which an international giant achieved the pinnacle of CMMI ratings… then learn how your organization can follow in their footsteps.
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The Incredibly High Cost of Saving Money on Outsourcing
Everyone is under pressure these days to cut costs, but saving money isn’t worth it if you cut your own throat in the process.
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Managing Hidden Project Costs for Better ROI
While cost-effectiveness is a huge deciding factor for offshoring, cheaper labor and service rates should not be the only measures of possible financial success of a project.
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